Biotechnet’s members and platforms conduct research projects in collaboration with industry. By working with us, you can access financing from Innosuisse and SNSF. We have experience preparing project applications and can help you secure the following types of financial support.

Innovation cheque: Innosuisse offers initial support to SMEs for project and innovation concept.

Innovation projects with implementation partners: Innosuisse financially supports projects conducted between industrial partners and researchers at Swiss research institutions. 

  • Project type: Developing new products, services, and processes
  • Budget: Under 1M CHF
  • Cost sharing: Industry 50%, Innosuisse 50%
  • Duration: 6 months to 3 years
  • Number of partners: 2 or more
  • Application led by: Implementation partner (Industry)
  • Submit an application: > submit-application

Flagship initiative: Innosuisse financially supports flagship projects designed to promote transdisciplinary collaboration and systemic innovation.

  • Project type: Find solutions to current and future challenges that can only be solved by collaboration
  • Budget: Over 4M CHF
  • Cost sharing: Industry 50%, Innosuisse 50%
  • Duration: More than 3 years
  • Number of partners: At least 2 industry and 3 research partners
  • Application led by: Host institution and its partners (Consortium)
  • Submit an application: > flagship > submit-application

Accelerator program: Swiss start-ups and SMEs no longer benefit from Horizon Europe Pillar 3 funding; hence, Innosuisse supports industry partners via its newly launched Accelerator Program.

BRIDGE: the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) and Innosuisse offer new funding opportunities at the intersection of basic research and science-based innovation.

  • Project type: Discovery
  • Budget: up to 850K CHF
  • Cost sharing: Bridge grant directly to academic institution; Industry acts as implementation partner
  • Duration: Up to 4 years
  • Number of partners: Maximum 3
  • Application led by: Research institution (Academia)
  • Submit an application:

Horizons Europe Pillar 2 Funding: the State Secretariat for Research and Innovation (SERI) financially supports Swiss academic and industrial partners who participate in Horizons Europe Pillar 2 collaborative projects. For information about upcoming project calls, application assistance, and connections to existing consortia, please contact a Euresearch regional office near you:

Intellectual Property

Breakthroughs can be transformed into valuable products and services for society when the rights of inventors and their organizations are protected. The members of Biotechnet are experienced in creating intellectual property and working with their respective IP offices to secure background and arising IP.

We are a source of fresh ideas ready to be further developed in collaboration with you, our valued partners in industry.