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A unique, growing, dynamic network that supports the competitiveness of the Swiss Biotech Ecosystem – driven by close ties between public research organizations and industry.


Types of memberships

Swiss Research Organizations

We invite Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschulen), Basic Universities, Federal Polytechnic Universities and Not-for-Profit Research and Technology Organizations with expertise and facilities in biotechnology to join Biotechnet as Full, Affiliated, or Group Members. 

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Full members: Entire department, institute or school

Full members benefit from unlimited listings of their research groups, institutes, schools, and departments in our directory. Each group can create its own profile and list its competencies, infrastructure, events news and projects. Full members receive tickets to our platform symposia and networking events free of charge, and benefit from connections to industry including the organization of matchmaking and B2B events. Full members can lead Biotechnet technology platforms, act as decision-makers for our events, and receive financial support for these events. They serve on our executive board, receive 2 votes at our annual general meeting, and participate in policy dialogue with government and politicians. Annual membership is CHF 5000.

Affiliated members: Part of an institute or department

Affiliated members can list their groups, competencies, infrastructure, events, news and projects in our directory. Affiliated members benefit from discounted registration to our platform symposia and networking events, and benefit from connections to industry including participation in matchmaking and B2B events. Affiliated members can lead Biotechnet technology platforms and receive financial support for these events. They do not serve on our executive board but receive 1 vote at our annual general meeting. Annual membership is CHF 1000.

Group members: One group

Group members benefit from one group listing in our directory, as well as event, news and project listings. Group members can participate in Biotechnet technology platforms and attend our events. They do not serve on our executive board and do not vote at our annual general meeting. Annual membership is CHF 350.

International Partners

Academic institutions outside Switzerland with an interest in furthering student training and exchange are welcome to join Biotechnet as International partners. These partners contribute to the organization of our summer schools. Annual membership is EUR 250.

Friends of Biotechnet

We maintain productive relationships with associations whose mission and activities are complementary to Biotechnet. There is no annual membership fee for Friends of Biotechnet. This category is not open to the private sector.

Read our articles of association for a complete list of member rights and responsibilities.


Biotechnet membership and its R&D directory target academic and public research groups. For industry, the Swiss Biotech Association maintains a Company Directory  where both members and non-members of the SBA are listed. This is the place to find Swiss biotech companies by stage, product type, and more. The SBA also offers a host of other services to support the private biotech sector. If you are from the private sector, please contact the Swiss Biotech Association to be listed in their directory.

Reasons to join

Biotechnet Switzerland is a hub that encompasses the top Swiss partners from academia, university hospitals and research organizations to promote translational research and advance biotechnology in Switzerland.

Together, we:

  • Enable access to a reliable network of know-how and infrastructure, through our searchable online directory
  • Promote the core competences of renowned research organizations to foster collaboration
  • Host thematic technology platforms where public sector researchers can connect with industry to foster exchange on specific topics
  • Promote specialized scientific events
  • Help our members make connections to foster partnerships and collaborations between industry and research organizations ( PPPs )
  • Are an ideal partner for both SMEs and large firms
  • Work together with the Swiss Biotech Association ( SBA )
  • Support biotech education in Switzerland
  • Support acquisition and development of talent from Switzerland and abroad

Please complete the membership form below. Biotechnet will review the information and get in contact with you shortly.